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Exhibition on Léon Stynen at London Festival of Architecture 2019

This summer, ‘Stynen2018’ gains an overseas follow-up in the form of an exhibition at the London Festival of Architecture 2019

With the exhibition Brutalism on a Human Scale. Post-war Architecture by Léon Stynen (1899-1990) in the iconic Silver Building, the Flanders Architecture Institute presents an insight into the post-war oeuvre of the Belgian architect Léon Stynen. His brutalist designs, in which the human scale plays a crucial role, take centre stage. The curators reveal the richness of post-war architecture and highlight the importance of the modernist heritage for today’s urban development. Read more

Fruitful encounter between German and Flemish architects at study day in Germany

To coincide with ‘Flemish Week’ in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the Flanders Architecture Institute organised a study day entitled Encounters in Architecture at the Siza Pavilion in Insel Hombroich.

Approximately seventy architects, policy-makers and academics from Flanders and NRW convened on 22 March 2019 to share their experiences and expertise on architectural policy. Far-reaching exchanges look set to continue between the two regions. Read more

Expo on BC architects & studies turns classic role of architect upside down

The exhibition The act of building, from 26 April in CIVA, Brussels, presents BC architects & studies’ area of work. Using tools, building models, films and photographs, it presents four processes that lead to four architectural outcomes. The Brussels based architecture office calls upon a variety of backgrounds and competences, but also on different materials and technologies. In conjunction with the exhibition, the architects will also present an identically-titled book. Read more

'Les Halles Généreuses’ by OFFICE in Bordeaux exhibition

'Les Halles Généreuses' by OFFICE, the winning proposal for a large scale industrial project situated at the north of Bordeaux in France, is one of the 40 projects presented in the exhibition ‘Accessibles par nature.

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Vincent van Duysen on the list of 100+ best architecture firms of architecture magazine DOMUS

The current and the last 10 editors-in-chief of the Italian architecture magazine DOMUS compiled a selection of architecture firms known for cultural innovation: ‘100+ best architecture firms 2019’.

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Dhooge & Meganck in German architecture magazine Baumeister

In the March issue ‘Schluss mit der Egoshow’, the German architecture magazine Baumeister investigates how a paradigm shift is taking place in architecture: young European offices have a new self-image that no longer focuses on the personality cult of the star architect, but rather on the network.

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Exhibition 'A School of Schools' in Arles with Jan Boelen and Aslı Çiçek

Curated by Belgian artistic director Jan Boelen, 'A School of Schools' presents the work of over 90 artists and designers from around the world, including Belgian based architect Aslı Çiçek.

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Call for artists in residence passionate about architectural heritage

BOZAR (Belgium), Naples University - Frederic II (Italy) and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation (Spain) are launching an open call for residencies in 6 modern European houses.

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Student workshop with BC architects & studies in Amsterdam

BC architects, LEVS architecten and construction company OSKAM organise the two-day student workshop ‘Building with earth' on earth construction and the properties of different mixtures of soil.

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