About the collection

More than 4000 metres of archive boxes full of specifications, plans, photos and letters, an extensive library with books and journals from Belgium and abroad, drawers overflowing with colourful plans, a floor full of mock-ups, prototypes and models … Welcome to the collection of the Flanders Architecture Institute!

The collection is an inexhaustible source of research material for anyone interested in the history of architecture, urban planning and the building industry in Flanders. You will find information on all aspects of the architecture and design practice, from thinking about urban planning policy and design visions to the most technical project details. The plans, photographs and models are unique witnesses to more than a hundred years of designing and building in Flanders. Discover the collection via the collection highlights.

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The collection in a nutshell

The archives and collections of architects and other organizations form the backbone of the collection of the Flanders Architecture Institute. But there’s more. The collection consists of a number of subcollections with their own history and usage possibilities.

The collection of the VAi goes back to the late 1980s, when the Province of Antwerp established the Architectural Archives of the Province of Antwerp (APA).

The VAi safeguards these archives for the future and further expands the collection. Among the archives that have found their way into our collection are those of Eduard Van Steenbergen, AWG (bOb Van Reeth), Jo Crepain, Jos Smolderen, Bataille & Ibens, Christian Kieckens and Léon Stynen. However, we do not only collect archives of well-known leading architects, but also acquire archives with a broad perspective in order to arrive at a balanced documentation of the history of Flemish architecture. Besides archives of architects, the collection also includes archives of researchers, construction companies, consultancies and associations.