DC II house, Tielrode - Vincent Van Duysen Architects - (c) Koen Van Damme
The home does not consist of a main building with a collection of outbuildings. Instead, the auxiliary functions provided an opportunity to create two volumes that have the same form as the house.
'Het Huis' exhibition pavilion, Antwerp - Robbrecht & Daem Architects
In their pavilion, or ‘house’, a defined volume set into the grassy parklands of the Middelheim sculpture museum, Robbrecht & Daem have orchestrated a play on the definitions of spaces, and between inside and outside, sheltered and open, spaci
Jewellers, Arnhem - Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen - (c) Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen
A jewellery shop in the centre of Arnhem, designed by the Brussels- based architecture firm Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, possesses spatial qualities that are formally derived from the objects for sale.
C-Mine cultural centre expedition, Genk - NU architecture studio - (c) Stijn Bollaert
Although the last mine in Limburg only closed about thirty years ago, this still sounds like a scene  from the dim and distant past. The region is putting great effort into keeping its mining history alive.
Warande parcel house, Ghent - de vylder vinck taillieu architects - (c) Filip Dujardin
In the four single-plot projects by de vylder vinck taillieu architects (dvvt), it is not only a matter of the on-going (re) interpretation and examination of a context and use, but also of the internal spatial stratification as the sublimation of
Triamant care home, Velm - BURO II & ARCHI+I - (c) Filip Dujardin
The contribution made by BURO II & ARCHI+I  is convincing. A new volume demarcates two ourtyards. The first adjoins the main house and the second is situated next to the former school building.
dnA residence, Asse - BLAF architects
The concept of an adaptable interior accommodated within a solid brick outer shell seems to hold widespread fascination for architects looking for a response to contemporary energy-efficiency targets.
St Sixtus Abbey extension, Westvleteren - awg architecten - (c) Wim Van Nueten
The archetypical form of the cloister or claustrum, the original example of a spatial unfolding of collective living around a courtyard, demonstrates how the relationship between inside and outside is made meaningful by linking it to circulation.
TID Tower, Tirana - 51N4E - (c) 51N4E
Mixed use high rise
De Witte Villa youth centre, Grimbergen - BULK architects - (c) BULK architects
Grimbergen is a municipality on the outskirts of Brussels. It has a relatively small centre  surrounded by ribbon development and housing estates. Behind one of the ribbons lies an airfield.


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