Exhibition Harry Gruyaert. Embedded Architectures


19.09.2014, 14:00 to 04.01.2015, 18:00
The Flanders Architecture Book no. 11 gives a prominent place to architectural photography. In Harry Gruyaert’s photos, the buildings become colourful, poetic places to be. He shows architecture not as iconic models, but embedded in the routines of spending time, inhabiting, visiting, meeting and so on. Or in other words, architecture that is pointless without its users.
The exhibition presents the pictures in the form of a video so that they take on their own character, rhythm and eloquence and provide a fascinating complement to the photos published in the Flanders Architecture Book no. 11.

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Elishout Kitchen tower campus Coovi, Anderlecht, Xaveer De Geyter Architecten, © Harry Gruyaert


19.09.2014, 14:00 to 04.01.2015, 18:00


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