Exhibition Lived-In. The Modern City as a Performative Structure


26.09.2015, 10:00 to 10.01.2016, 18:00



Lived-In illustrates the capacity of modern architecture to embrace change without thereby losing its original qualities. According to the curator Tom Avermaete, postwar modern cities are capable of making room for individual and collective adjustments. This exhibition introduces you to such well-known examples as Chandigargh, Casablanca and Brasilia, and also to lesser-known postwar ensembles in Stockholm, Paris and Berlin.

Fifty years ago, breathtaking scale models and utopian ideas for modern, post-war cities promised a new future. Chandigarh, Casablanca and Brasilia all took their place in our collective memory as powerful and inaccessible symbols of the new, modern way of life. But although residents, architects and developers have changed the face of these cities in many ways over the past five decades, a number of features have stubbornly remained as they were. These examples prove that modern architecture can adjust itself to new needs and expectations. Curator Tom Avermaete illustrates the adaptive capabilities of modern cities using original archive material, scale models, photos and film.

  • During this exhibition you can also visit the smaller exhibition 'Huis Guiette' at the entrance of the VAi, an intimate portret of the only realization by Le Corbusier in Belgium.


Opening evening on Friday 25 September 2015 in the Blue Hall at 8 pm. Lectures are from curator Tom Avermaete (TUDelft), architectural historian Maristella Casciato and scenographer Laurens Bekemans (BC Architects)
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production Flemish Architecture Institute, Centre for Flemish Architecture Institute, deSingel International Arts Campus
supported by TU Delft
curator Tom Avermaete with the help of Antje Adriaens, Agnieszka Batkiewicz, Christian Maijstré


26.09.2015, 10:00 to 10.01.2016, 18:00




Flanders Architecture Institute and deSingel


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