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26.04.2019, 10:30 to 02.06.2019, 18:00



The exhibition ‘The act of building’ presents BC architects & studies’ area of work. Using tools, building models, films and photographs, it presents four processes that lead to four architectural outcomes.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the architects will also present an identically-titled publication that charts the stories behind four significant projects and elaborates on the new role of the architect. ‘BC materials’ reveals what happens when you apply circular production processes to building materials, in this case clay from Brussels building sites. The resulting objects are being sold through a newly established cooperative. During a workshop on building with clay at CIVA (1 to 5 April 2019), 30 university students and 18 professionals (architects, contractors, engineers...) made a series of prototypes that will be on display in the exhibition.

‘The act of building’ is simultaneously both action and discourse. It is the complex task of a temporary community to create its own infrastructure. BC architects calls upon a variety of backgrounds and competences, but also on different materials and technologies. Building not only impacts upon the values and ideas that originate in a broad network around a specific project, it is also an expression of them. Building is possessed of a transformative power, one that is driven by action, story and end result.

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘The act of building’ at the Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice, the Flanders Architecture Institute is publishing the book of the same name.

The book The act of building

26/4/2019 - 2/6/2019
Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 7pm
Closed on Monday and 21/7
Free entrance

Production Vlaams Architectuurinstituut, CIVA en BC architects & studies 
With the support of the Flemish Government 


26.04.2019, 10:30 to 02.06.2019, 18:00




CIVA - Vlaams Architectuurinstituut - BC architects & studies


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