Festival of Architecture 2017


08.09.2017, 18:00 to 17.09.2017, 20:00


deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus

From 8 to 17 September 2017, the Flanders Architecture Institute will be presenting the first edition of the Festival of Architecture (F/a). For a ten-day period, visitors will be able to discover architecture in all its guises. For architecture is more than just building. It is a process in which designers, residents and surroundings all converge. During the festival, both builders and artists will be sharing their ideas about architecture. There will be a chance to visit striking buildings and exceptional design firms on Architecture Day. Help Time Circus’ Landschip to reach deSingel’s garden and find out all about alternative forms of housing. Or enhance your knowledge of architecture during a speed date with an expert, or through one of the many theatre and music performances.

The Festival of Architecture is a biennial event, each edition of which is hosted by a different city. In 2017, Antwerp will be acting as the host and deSingel will be the epicentre of the festival.

  • TIP: On 8 September, the Festival of Architecture will get off to a spectacular start with Architecture Night (N/a). The Flanders Architecture Institute and BVA, the professional association for architects, will be joining forces for an exciting evening celebration filled with performances, talk shows, films and music, all on the subject of architecture.  


production Festival of Architecture: Flanders Architecture Institute
with the inancial and logistic support of Flemish Government and deSingel International Arts Campus
with the promotional support of De Standaard, Klara, A+, Architectura and ArchiNed 
made possible by Reynaers Aluminium, Gyproc, Modular and Niko

More info: www.festivalvandearchitectuur.be or contact:
Karen Vandereycken (communications F/a) via karen.vandereycken@vai.be
T +32 (0)3 242 89 71


08.09.2017, 18:00 to 17.09.2017, 20:00


deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus


Vlaams Architectuurinstituut


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