Student workshop with BC architects & studies in Amsterdam


20.05.2019, 8:30 to 21.05.2019, 18:30

BC architects, LEVS architecten and construction company OSKAM organise the two-day student workshop ‘Building with earth' on earth construction and the properties of different mixtures of soil. The workshop has three different construction ateliers and the activities will be enriched with lectures by LEVS architecten (Amsterdam) and BC architects & studies (Brussels). 

Want to know more about the work of BC architects?

  • Visit the exhibition The act of building. BC architects & studies between 26 April and 2 June 2019 in CIVA, Brussels.
  • Or read the book ‘The Act of Building. BC architects & studies’. The stories in the book tell how BC architects & studies engage in acts of building. Each story departs from an artefact used in the construction process of four recent projects. Each story touches on specific features of BC’s architectural practice. Together they suggest a trajectory of how BC hopes architecture can contribute to our world in transition.



20.05.2019, 8:30 to 21.05.2019, 18:30


Cruquiusweg 152-154



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