BC architects and TETRA architects win gold at the Lafarge Holcim Awards 2017

BC architects and TETRA architects, two Brussels-based offices, won the highest accolade at the Lafarge Holcim Awards, a major international prize for sustainable construction projects. Their prize-winning schemes are both for the canal zone in Brussels.

BC architects and TETRA architects were recognised for their designs for, respectively, the concrete plant at Becodok and the new truck station for Net Brussels in Heembeek.

The projects are innovative because they seek to integrate utilitarian operations, such as concrete manufacture and refuge collection, into the urban fabric. One of the key aims is to minimise the burdens of noise, dust or odours. At the same time, the activity becomes as visible as possible and is not hidden behind high walls. In addition, the buildings must also enrich the environment. As a result, the concrete plant by BC architects is crowned with a multifunctional space that the public can use as they see fit.

The new Net Brussels complex, the brainchild of TETRA architects, will also be given an indoor square with a public park. This will link the canal with the higher Meudon Park.

About the Holcim Awards
Internationally recognised as the most significant sustainable design competition, the Lafarge Holcim Awards are not just about beautiful buildings. The criteria for the competition, which has an award budget of two million US dollars, are as challenging as the sustainability goal itself.
The competition is not for completed projects but those at an advanced design stage. The competition seeks projects that go beyond balancing environmental performance, social responsibility, and economic growth. Projects should, in addition, exemplify architectural excellence, a high degree of transferability, and thereby extend notions of sustainable construction and design throughout all stages of a project’s lifecycle.

More information about the Lafarge Holcim Awards.

(source: bruzz.be)


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