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In the framework of the project Art Nouveau & Ecology supported by the programme Culture 2007-2013 of the European Commission, The Réseau Art Nouveau Network, as a network of cities aiming to preserve, study and promote Art Nouveau at a European scale, organises a one-day symposium on January 26th 2013 on Raw materials and Art Nouveau in Aveiro (Portugal). Deadline for submitting abstracts is 17 September 2012.

Call for papers
The ideal of beauty and modernity that conduct Art Nouveau, associated with social concerns, a search of comfort and better hygiene, led the architects of that time to use a variety of construction materials and techniques. Wood, glass, ceramic, stone, metal and other specific materials are selected and combined together for their technical characteristics, but also according to their aesthetic input: color, iridescence, transparency, brightness, etc…

Many of these materials used in construction or finishing no longer exist or are rare, prohibited for commercial exploitation (exotic woods, ivory, etc.) or simply disappeared (specific marbles or woods, etc.). The restoration of the rare and delicate materials of Art Nouveau forced the restorers to face serious dilemma: how to preserve the authenticity of this art without falling into the rough copy or fac simile?

1. What use was made of raw materials at this time?
- in construction of buildings
- in design and furnishing
- in everyday objects, jewelry, etc.

How was carried out the implementation of these materials?
Which specific techniques were developed?
What role was left to the craft?
How these materials were used for their aesthetic qualities (mosaic, colored bricks, stained glass, marquetry, etc…)?

2. How to restore at best these materials that have become rare or fragile?
How to restore or replace the materials damaged or eroded?
How to preserve the authenticity of these materials and the patina of time?

Your proposals for contribution, in French or English, should be written in the form of an abstract, of a maximum length of 20 lines per proposal, with a title and 5 images maximum, your full contact details (surname, name, institution and email address), as well as some biographic and bibliographic elements. The deadline for the call for papers is set on 17 September 2012 and the papers should be sent to the coordination office by email at
N.B: all the lectures can deal with local heritage or open at a greater scale.
The selection committee will select one key-note speaker, who will add a European point of view to the topic by mentioning various examples all over Europe.

On 3 October 2012, the selection committee composed with partners from Aveiro, Ljubljana and Brussels will select the 10 lectures that will be given. The participants will receive a notification of their participation to the lab on October 15th 2012 at the latest. Each lecture will last between 20 and 30 minutes. The exact duration of each lecture will be announced by October 15th, as well as the instructions for the proceedings publication, both on the network website and in a future printed publication.
The full text of the lecture should be submitted by 31 December 2012 and the Powerpoint presentations by 7 January 2013.
The selected lecturers will be invited with all the partners of the network to take part in the Art Nouveau visit day organised by the City of Aveiro on Sunday, January 27th 2013 (still to be determined).
The lectures will be given in French, English or Portuguese.
A simultaneous translation (French, English and Portuguese) will be available.

For any additional information on this call, on Historical Lab 4 and the network actions: or

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