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In 2020 the Flanders Architecture Institute will be publishing the latest edition of the biennial Flanders Architectural Review. This 2020 edition will be the fourteenth in the series. We turn the spotlight on architectural production in Flanders and Brussels, and also projects elsewhere in the world by architects from Flanders and Brussels.

Over the years, the Flanders Architectural Review has evolved into a publication that has revealed the increasing quality of architecture in this region. But at the same time it examines this architectural production in the light of changing social, political and spatial developments. Architectural quality is after all partly determined by the way a building or urban development project relates to its context.

For the Flanders Architectural Review N°14 we invite architects, urban designers, landscape architects, principals and others to submit projects of exceptional architectural quality. This edition will once again be an anthology and a moment of reflection that mirrors the breadth and variety of architectural production. In the fourteenth edition we want to put a particular emphasis on projects that link a variety of functions, that make a point of intelligent reuse, and which develop architectural concepts that tackle the densification and concreting of Flanders. Furthermore we want to pay special attention to projects that challange and broaden the discipline of architecture. These might be initiatives outside of traditional buidling processes that contribute to spatial quality, collaborative efforts that reinterpret the position of the architect in society, projects that blur the lines between architectura and other disciplines, etc.

De editorial board of the Flanders Architectural Review N°14 consists of: Isabelle Blancke, Sofie De Caigny, Michiel De Cleene, Petrus Kemme, Petra Pferdmenges, Eireen Schreurs, Bart Tritsmans and Maarten Van Den Driessche.

Practical details
The Flanders Architectural Review is open to projects in Flanders and Brussels and projects carried out abroad by architects from these two regions. But projects that have not been built, artistic work and spatial designs can also qualify for inclusion.

Here you can upload your projects for the Architectural Review
* If you or a colleague have previously submitted a project for an earlier edition, log into your existing account. If necessary you can reset your password. If you are submitting a project for the first time, you can open a new account. You can then fill in the registration form and the project pages and upload a number of plans and photos. Please only upload projects that were delivered between May 2017 and May 2019. When they visit the site, the editorial team have to be able to form a clear picture of the project.

Entries must be uploaded to our site by Thursday 7 March 2019 at the latest. We do not request any entries on paper. For more information you can always contact or call on +32 3 242 89 70.

Each entry should comprise the following (per project):

  • Project details
  • A 150-word general description of the project
  • A 150-word description of the exceptional qualities of the project
  • A limited selection of plans: max. 1 of the location, 3 ground plans and 2 cross-sections. Each plan must be numbered and bear the name of the architectural firm, an indication of the scale and an arrow indicating north (in pdf format, max. 1 Mb per file)
  • A selection of 5 representative pictures. Each photo should be numbered and bear the name of the architectural firm and photographer (in png, gif, jpg or jpeg format, max. 1 Mb per file)

*The Flanders Architecture Institute provides a databank of buildings on its website. This is an online digital archive of contemporary architecture in Flanders. This databank consists of public and non-public sections. When you send data, you give your consent to them being stored in the non-public section of the databank. It is possible, however, that in the future the Flanders Architecture Institute may make these data available internationally by way of the public section of the databank. The data of course remain your property for the period during which copyright applies. You do however give the Flanders Architecture Institute permission to share these data with the public free of charge. You guarantee the content that you submit and that you are authorised to upload the data to the non-public section of the databank. In other words, you give those rights under licence of which you are the holder and over which you have authority. You have the right to have these data changed or removed at any time.


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