MSA / V+ win the Mies Award 2017 for Emerging Architect

MSA / V+ have won the Mies Award 2017 for Emerging Architect for the Navez-Portaels social housing project in Schaarbeek.

The nominations for the prestigious Mies Awards are always hotly anticipated. This year, Belgian offices were particularly well represented. Of the sixteen Belgian projects nominated, MSA and V + won the Emerging Architect Award for the design of the Navez-Portaels social housing.

The Navez-Portaels project evokes memories of Art Deco. Along a busy road in Brussels, five passive social houses designed to accommodate large families were constructed on a small plot. Read more

The social passive housing by MSA and V + was also included in The Flanders Architectural Review N° 12 Tailored Architecture.

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