Table Setting is the exhibition series for young architects in Flanders and Brussels from the Flanders Architecture Institute and De Singel. It is the next stage in a tradition of young architecture at the arts center. Since the 1980s, established names have found a stage there upon which to showcase their early oeuvre (Young Architecture in Belgium in 1988 and 35m³ young architecture in 2005). Today too, young architects are challenged to determine their own position with regard to the discipline, complex spatial situations and social questions.

The square in front of De Singel represents the cacophony in which young architects start up their own practice. The multiform boundaries of the asphalt expanse are an ideal backdrop for the exhibition series. Every architect exhibiting there has a set of tables with props designed by Laura Muyldermans. The tables not only serve as an installation in which the designers showcase their work, but also challenge them to take possession of the space on the square.