02 Fucklecorbusier / Future conflicts

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02 Fucklecorbusier / Future conflicts

The Flemish Architecture Institute provides a forum for Young architects, urban planners and researchers in Flanders. This generation currently occupies a relevant experimental position in architecture and related disciplines. In their work, architecture assumes a wide variety of forms and expressions. Again and again it is given a new interpretation, sometimes less visible and even unprecedented.

Each issue of the Young Architects in Flanders series presents a cross section of a particular architectural practice: designs for buildings, theoretical discourse, urban planning studies, artistic installations,…

The work selected is surprising, original and of considerable importance regarding the position of and critical reflection on contemporary architecture in Flanders.

02 Fucklecorbusier / Future conflicts

One can discern a recurring attitude in FLC's varied design practice, one we can define as the opportunity of the conflict. It is their view that the answer to a problem of architecture or urban planning is not always a dedicated and built programme. In practice the designers rarely formulate an obvious answer to the question posed.

Three urban planning projects are discussed at length in this publication: projects for Zeebrugge, Duinbergen and Ostend.

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