Architectural Review Flanders N°10. Radical Commonplaces. European Architectures from Flanders

House with office space, Opwijk – Marie-José Van Hee architecten © foto Johannes Schwartz


The architectural production in Flanders is enjoying increased international attention. Architects from Flanders and Brussels are present at prestigious global architectural events and are invited to present their work. This international recognition reflects the significant work of a number of Flemish practices who have contributed to the emergence of a vital culture of design and research.

Since the 1990s this dynamic process, which is also the result of an enlightened architectural policy of the Flemish government has been recorded in the series of Architectural Yearbooks, which have been published bi-annually by the Flemish Architectural Institute VAi. The VAi and its partners are proud to present the tenth edition of this series which has been renamed as Architectural Review Flanders to an international audience. In the present publication an editorial board of architects, critics and scholars from Flanders and Europe reflect upon the development of new concepts for housing and dwelling in one of Europe’s most densely populated regions, on urban renewal projects and infrastructures and on the profound cultural ambition that is reflected in a significant number of public and private buildings across Flanders. Published under the title ‘Radical Commonplaces’ the Architectural Review Flanders is both a critical reflection upon the state of architecture in this European region and a celebration of the remarkable achievement of architects, urbanists and interior architects in shaping the everyday environment of our cities and landscapes.

Architectural Review Flanders No. 10 has been edited by Ilse Degerickx, Maarten Delbeke, Stefan Devoldere, Aglaée Degros, Elke Hoornaert, Christian Kieckens, André Loeckx, Dirk Somers, Axel Sowa, Ellis Woodman and Christoph Grafe. It includes contributions by the editors and by Guy Chatel, Pieter T’Jonck Els Vervloesem and others .

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