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Ben Murphy. The Riverbed

In a remote mountainous area in south-east Spain, a group of multicultural non-conformists live in their own self-created paradise. In the exhibition The Riverbed, photographer Ben Murphy presents images from his ten-year study of these nomads who have formed a new community in the mountains of Andalusia.

Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy’s work focuses on human interventions in a constructed space or place. His photographs are portraits of built environments that reveal the identity of their residents. Murphy is fascinated by the notion of decay, be it of buildings, objects or people. How do we relate to the world via the things that surround us, and how do we express our identity through our creations? How do we try to bring steadfastness and meaning to our lives when everything is transitory? How do we create order, a feeling of security, a certain individuality and comfort, or singularity? Murphy’s images are best described as melancholic reflections on philosopher Heidegger’s notion of ‘Dasein’: the experience of standing in the world.

The catalogue is for sale for € 34,50 at the entrance of the exhibition.

Special edition
During the vernissage of The Riverbed in deSingel (Antwerp) on 28 February 2018 the Flanders Architecture Institute offers a special edition of the book at €400 (only 4 copies available). Send an email to 

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