Lab XX Lageweg Pilot project

Lageweg in Hoboken is a mixed site in the 20th-century belt of Antwerp. It is a residential area mixed with industry, public amenities, abandoned industrial land or infrastructure, polluted terrains and fragmented properties. The aim of the Lageweg pilot project is the renewal and densification of the area by retaining the existing companies as much as possible and adding production space and manufacturing industry, together with housing, services and facilities.

This publication recounts the first phase – the so-called exploratory process– of the Lageweg pilot project (2015-2016), commissioned by the City of Antwerp, the Openbare Vlaamse Afvalmaatschappij (OVAM) and the Kenniscentrum Vlaamse steden. 51N4E and Connect&Transform have approached the Lageweg project in an experimental, learning and pragmatic way. The focus is on the building of a coalition between the different stakeholders and the continuous switching between parallel tracks. The learning process is the basic principle in the publication, the different actors (each with their own statements and visions) are given a voice.

The book is available online. You can download the digital publication here:

Corporate partners

Retail Estates

Cultural partners

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