Lab XX_Work, From research-by-design to mission for the city

Labo XX_Work is the research of the city of Antwerp on interweaving productivity and intensifying the use of industrial zones. Three design teams (BUUR - WES – Connect & Transform – Architecture 00, Maat ontwerpers – IDEA Consult – LDR, Plusoffice - ArcK) reflected on the place of urban economy in the city of the future. They have developed a wide range of instruments the city can use to develop a better spatial policy.

This book tries to turn the research of the three teams into concrete actions and policy measures.  Three themes are central in the book: mixing as an explicit and consistent policy, realising the industrial park of the future and stimulating new relations with the neighbourhood.  Through the book, essays from Dirk Diels, Christian Rapp and Annette Kuhk frame the measures and actions in the economic and spatial policy and link them with the trends in urban economy in Flanders and Europe. 

The book is available online. You can download the digital publication here (Dutch and English version)

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