MAATWERK | MADE TO MEASURE. Concept and Craft in Architecture from FLANDERS and THE NETHERLANDS

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The past thirty years have been crucial years for architecture in the Low Countries, north and south of the border between Belgian Flanders and the Netherlands. While the public image of Dutch architecture has been dominated by the substantial campaigns promoting the ‘Superdutch’, during much of this period Flemish architecture has developed largely out of the limelight and has only more recently attracted the attention of the international media. The presentation of architects from both Flanders and the Netherlands will provide a new perspective on the apparently much more well-known Dutch architecture, and the productive relationships between representatives from these two architectural cultures which are so different and complementary, yet also connected by one language.

Catalogue of the exhibition MAATWERK MASSARBEIT. Custom Made Architecture from Flanders and the Netherlands (7 October 2016-8 February 2017, DAM Frankfurt).

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