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In het maart 2012-nummer van 'A10 - new European architecture' wordt de herbestemming van het voormalig Coca Cola distributiecentrum in Oostkamp tot overheidskantoren - een project van Carlos Arroyo -  en de Open Oproep formule van Vlaams Bouwmeester onder de aandacht gebracht.

"Oostkamp wanted a new building for its municipal services, so in 2008 it approached the Flemish Government Architect who organizes Open Tenders for such public commissions, which are creative interpretations of European tendering. The Open Tender ensures that it is not only big firms that get a chance to compete for commissions, but young talent as well. That's one side of the story; the other is that via the Open Tenders public clients come into contact with architectural ideas they probably didn't even know existed.
In Oostkamp, the Spanish architect Carlos Arroyo secured the commission to convert a former Coca-Cola distribution centre into local government offices. The existing distribution hall, which was retained, is rather capacious for its new function. So in the large spaces smaller sections have been divided off in a landscape of climatized clouds of glass fibre-reinforced gypsum. The idea of a cycle path running straight through the hall didn't make it, but otherwise the finished building reveals the full radicalness of Arroyo's original concept."

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donderdag, 19 april 2012


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