40 years of competition

26 November 2021
De Singel - Blue Hall
20:00 h

The Flanders Architecture Institute, Team Flemish Government Architect and Ghent University are pleased to announce the opening of two new exhibitions in De Singel: Coming of Age, Architectural Competitions in Flanders and Brussels and Open Call, 20 Years of Public Architecture. Together with faces old and new, we take a retrospective look at the rich history of competition culture and cast an eye on the future.


  • Welcome and presentation of 40 years of competition
    Sofie De Caigny (Flanders Architecture Institute)
  • Presentation exhibition Open Call
    Maarten Liefooghe (Universitiy of Ghent)
  • Presentation exhibition Coming of Age
    Mathilde Breukink/Petrus Kemme (Flanders Archtecture Institute)
  • Book presentations

    More Than a Competition - The Open Call in a Changing Building Culture

    Maarten Van Den Driessche (Universitiy of Ghent)
    Celebrating Public Architecture
    Anne Malliet (Team Flemish Government Architect)
  • Lecture intro
    Erik Wieërs (Flemish Government Architect)
  • Lecture
    Communities of Practice
    Irina Davidovici (ETH Zürich)

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    20:00 h


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    De Singel


    Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp


    Team Flemish Government, Universitiy of Ghent, Flanders Architecture Institute and De Singel


    Sofie De Caigny, Petrus Kemme, Mathilde Breukink, Maarten Liefooghe, Maarten Van Den Driessche


    the Flemish Community

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Project voor het Europakruispunt in Brussel prijsvraag Bonduelle 1983 Team Hoogpoort Stephane Beel Xaveer De Geyter Arjan Karssenberg en Willem Jan Neutelings LR

40 jaar wedstrijdcultuur

Architecture in Flanders and Brussels has come of age and is now firmly positioned on the international stage. How crucial is the role of architectural competitions in this story? The exhibitions Coming of Age, Architectural Competitions in Flanders and Brussels and Open Call, 20 Years of Public Architecture both shed light on 40 years of architectural competitions. And there's more... On this page you can find everything that is related to the project '40 years of competition'.

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