BLAF architecten, BLAF tlG, Gent © Stijn Bollaert

Blaf tlG

For the roof extension of this corner house in the city of Ghent, BLAF Architecten opted for a sober monochrome volume. From the street, the extension looks like two connected rooms on top; in plan it appears to be an L-shaped volume. The volume was placed on a bold roof edge, making the extension seem like a ‘hat’ for the existing building. This crisp ‘head covering’ functions as an inverted plinth for the existing building. The plain grey plaster contrasts starkly with the weathered brick façades, and the fine zinc roof edges counter the dark wooden window frames below. Without altering the original house, the appearance of the building has been updated and refreshed, and the street corner has become a characteristic moment in the streetscape.

- Louis De Mey

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