architecten de vylder vinck taillieu, Apart huis arts, Kalken © Filip Dujardin

Apart Huis-Arts

Three terraced houses were positioned on top of a medical office in this design by architecten de vylder vinck taillieu. The office was extended into the garden by means of a low volume with a green roof and three sculptural roof lights. The interior spaces of both the medical office and the residences are designed as a play of structural elements in red industrial brick, concrete bricks, concrete floors and wooden floors. The façade is a continuation of these basic construction materials in a more structured composition that fits the street. On top of the façade, three odd roof dormers appear to rest on the roof edge, with parts of the façade brickwork extending next to or between them. The balconies of the living rooms are sheltered from view by means of open brickwork. The humble materials and their distorted tectonic expressions turn out to be a leitmotif in this take on Flemish terraced housing.

- Louis De Mey

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