Hub, Zegel, Antwerpen © Daniëlle Raymaekers


On a corner of one of Antwerp’s major access roads to the city centre, Hub designed a serene mixed-use building that houses residences, offices for the district police and an entrance to a metro station. It is composed of a three-storey plinth and a three-storey tower set back from the corner. The plinth completes the existing street profile, while the tower marks the corner and engages in a dialogue with the apartment building on the opposite corner. The façade was conceived as a generic rhythm of bays, with shallowly recessed windows. While the rhythm acts as a mask covering the different programmes behind it, the windows nonetheless underline the difference. The upper floors that house the residential programme have portrait windows, while the office floors below have larger bays with square windows. The tectonics of the façade have been accentuated by the corner windows of the plinth and the ‘open’ corner solution of the tower.

- Louis De Mey

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