Architecture from Flanders on first day of London Festival of Architecture

On 1 June, the first day of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA), the Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) and the General Representative of Flanders in the UK organized a talk about contemporary architecture from Flanders and Brussels. The event was directly related to the most recent edition of the Flanders Architectural Review. The speakers discussed the kinship between the architecture cultures of Flanders and London.

"Architecture in Flanders is the envy of many practitioners in London."
‐ Vicky Richardson, head of architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts
"I had not heard the phrase "As Found" until I worked for Sergison Bates. Soon there will be a colloquium with that title in Flanders."
‐ Jan Vermeulen, architect and founder of Studio Jan Vermeulen
"When we first worked in Flanders, we found it quite exotic, yet familiar."
‐ Stephen Bates, partner at Sergison Bates architects