Table Setting #1 Generiek

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Table Setting #1 Generiek (Image: Generiek)

Installation on De Singel square criticizes subjective way of looking at greenery

“Greenery doesn’t need to be privately owned to enjoy it”

The young Belgian-Chinese architecture office Generiek kicks-off the first edition of Table Setting. This brand new exhibition series enables young architects to share their ideas on public space. The square in front of De Singel is their playground, a series of tables are the framework of a constantly changing play. In Table Setting #1 Generiek explores the relationship between greenery and domesticity. The result is a green installation, in collaboration with textile designer Sofie Van Aelbroeck.

Table Setting #1 Generiek
Exhibition | from 01.04.2022 to 12.06.2022
Open | 7 days a week, around the clock

Vernissage | 31.03.2022 at 8pm

De Singel square, Antwerp (BE)

"In the end gardens are not natural. With this installation we want to make explicit the subjective way people look at greenery today"
‐ Richard Leung, architect (Generiek)
"As architects we strive to design and use greenery in a more collective manner. We hope that the people who visit the exhibition will appropriate the green space we’ve created on the square of De Singel"
‐ Lando De Keyzer, architect (Generiek)
"Our generic approach of architecture is the idea of working with an organizing framework, rather than treating architecture as an object"
‐ Richard Leung, architect (Generiek)

Table Setting #1 Generiek

Fry 1 April 2022 → Sun 12 June 2022
Flanders Architecture Institute
De Singel Square, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp
open Mon → Sun 24/7
free of admission

Thu 31 March 2022 at 8pm

Table Setting #1

Vlaams Architectuurinstituut and De Singel
textile design
Sofie Van Aelbroeck
installation design
Laura Muyldermans
curator series
Petrus Kemme
with the support of

the Flemish Comunity

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