Flanders Architecture Archives sees the light of day

Press release
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Flanders has its own architecture archive. On 1 January 2018, the Centre for Flemish Architecture Archives (CVAa) and the Architecture Archives of the Province of Antwerp (APA) will merge to become the Flanders Architecture Archives. The Architecture Archive will operate as the heritage department of the Flanders Architecture Institute. It will thus become a fully-fledged specialist institute for architecture, with the largest collection of architecture archives in Flanders.

The Flanders Architecture Archives is the reference point for the archives and heritage relating to architecture and urban planning in Flanders, with the immensely rich APA collection as its foundation. At the same time, the Architecture Archive has the ambition to continue the service-provision role that has been developed by the CVAa.

‘With the Flanders Architecture Archives and its embedding into the Flanders Architecture Institute, we want to bring the past, present, and future together like never before’

- Sofie De Caigny