Bovenbouw Architectuur. The House of the Explorer

Press release

Architecture of the exotic everyday. For Dirk Somers, architect and founder of Bovenbouw Architectuur, architecture in the year 2019 should mainly offer the city added value. In the exhibition The House of the Explorer, the Flanders Architecture Institute offers a unique view into the universe of the Antwerp architectural firm. As a visitor, you get under the skin of the architect-explorer who ends up in a wondrous world full of concrete buildings and paper ideas.

"Bovenbouw’s architecture is discreetly idiosyncratic. The exceptional or arresting comes on top of an acceptance and affirmation of the everyday and familiar."

- architecture critic Bart Verschaffel

Bovenbouw Architectuur. Living the Exotic Everyday is a book published in English by Flanders Architecture Institute, 2019. The authors are Dirk Somers, Maarten Van Den Driessche and Bart Verschaffel.