Digitale architectuurarchieven

Architects are working more and more digitally. If we want to continue to document adequately the design of the environment, we must find an answer to the challenges posed by the long-term preservation of digital objects.

Digitale architectuurarchieven

How can digital files remain locatable and consultable? How can the reliability and authenticity of a digital document be ensured? What about preserving the context of a document? How can the inevitable ageing of digital media be tackled? These are questions that archival institutions around the world are facing.

Documents are increasingly being created in a digital environment or are being digitized. Documents in digital form pose very specific challenges with regard to their preservation, locatability, legibility and authenticity. In this context, the Flanders Architecture Archives wants to play an active role with regard to digital architecture archives. Because architecture archives contain many files with technical drawings and digital models, an approach is required that is specific to their preservation.

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Output and publications

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Project development

  • Phase 1 (2008-2010): Development of a digital test depot.
  • Phase 2 (2011): Survey of electronic records management among architects.
  • Phase 3 (2013): Research into the inclusion and preservation of CAD.
  • 2014: Pilot project about the organization and selection in a digital building file by Martine De Maeseneer Architecten, in collaboration with PACKED.
  • Phase 4: (2014-2016): Research into an archiving workflow using the digital archive of Maarten Van Severen.
  • 2016-2017: The archives @ the architects: a feasibility study for archive services to architects.
  • 2017: Development of file replication and identification procedures using the digital archive of Christian Kieckens.

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