Universiteit Antwerpen zoekt junior of senior professor (ZAP) architectuur en digitale cultuur

The Faculty of Design Science ‘s Architecture program has the following full-time vacancy: junior or senior professor in the field of architecture and digital culture.


The vacancy for architecture and digital culture seeks to anchor design-based research within the architecture program, as well as expanding the research on innovative digital technologies in architecture. The candidate for this position is capable of providing a research-oriented framework for innovative approaches in architecture, such as the complementarity of artistic and artificial intelligence or the introduction of digital design theory, practice and craftsmanship. This research approach should address questions of automation and AI-based design in the context of a sustainable building culture and a societally-oriented urban perspective. An integrated design vision – including technological aspects, design and functionality – and interdisciplinary collaboration are central to this approach. The preferred candidate has an intimate knowledge of teaching architectural and design methodologies and is comfortable with traditional design skills, as well as an expert with research in digital design methods, strategies and building processes.


    You will contribute to the University of Antwerp’s three core tasks: education (40%), research (40%) and services (20%). Your role also includes organisational and managerial aspects.


      • You will provide high-quality education in the area of architectural design and digital culture. Your teaching duties will comprise 24 ECTS per year, consisting of courses both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level which focus on architecture and digital culture.
      • You will play a role in developing activating, student-centred and competence-driven programme components and study programmes.
      • You will supervise students and their Bachelor and Master dissertations.


      • You will expand high-quality scientific research in the area of architecture and digital culture, with a particular focus on innovations in the process and methods of design and building.
      • You will initiate new lines of research and coordinate the progress of scientific research projects. You will also participate in ongoing research programmes.
      • You will acquire and manage national and international research funding.
      • You will publish in international journals and specialist literature on digital culture and innovative design strategies.
      • You will develop an international scientific network.
      • You will supervise PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.


      • You will play a role in the provision of both academic services and service to society, within the institution and externally. You will participate in student recruitment, boards and committees, popular science communication, and similar dissemination services.

      Organisation and leadership

      • You will have coordinating responsibilities in the areas of education, research and/or service provision and you will contribute to policy.
      • Your leadership style will be motivating and coaching. You will be attentive to your employees’ growth and development processes.


      • You hold a doctorate degree (PhD) in the field of Architecture, or in a related discipline, that demonstrates your expertise in the field of architecture and digital tools.
      • You can demonstrate practical experience in developing and/or customizing digital workflows and tools, as well as in automation and machine learning/artificial intelligence aspects of architectural design.
      • You can demonstrate several years of postdoctoral experience (or equivalent).
      • You have experience in acquiring research funding.
      • Relevant experience in digital design practice and/or a strong connection with and reputation in the professional field is considered favourably.
      • Your research qualities are in line with the faculty and university research policies. You have established an excellent research portfolio.
      • Your teaching competences are in line with the University of Antwerp’s educational vision.

      You are motivated to develop your teaching skills further through the professionalisation opportunities available.

      • If you do not speak Dutch, the administrative language of the university, you should be willing to obtain a CEFR B2 level of proficiency in Dutch. As soon as you take on teaching duties as a programme component coordinator, you should be able to demonstrate a CEFR C1 level of proficiency in the language of instruction. The University of Antwerp supports international staff members through an integration trajectory and offers tailor-made language coaching in compliance with Flanders’ statutory language regulations.
      • You demonstrate leadership potential and organisational skills.
      • You act with attention to quality, integrity, creativity and cooperation.

    What they offer

    • They offer a full-time appointment as a member of the Senior Academic Staff (Dutch: Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel, ZAP). The level of your appointment (assistant professor, associate professor, professor or full professor) is determined on the basis of your professional experience and academic qualifications. Junior ZAP members are usually offered temporary appointment as a tenure track assistant professor for five years, which is then followed by permanent appointment as an associate professor. Appointment as an associate professor or higher leads to permanent appointment (tenure) after a maximum of three years. A favourable performance appraisal is always required for permanent appointment.
    • They offer, after a positive evaluation of a PhD project you developed, an attractive starter package consisting of a four-year PhD project and €15 000 of consumables to boost your research from the start of your employment at the University of Antwerp.
    • Your gross monthly salary is calculated according to the pay scales for Senior Academic Staff.
    • You will receive ecocheques, Internet-connectivity allowance and a bicycle allowance or a full reimbursement of public transport costs for commuting.
    • The planned start date is 1 February 2025 or as soon as possible after that date.
    • You will do most of your work at Stadscampus Mutsaard in the center of Antwerp in a dynamic and stimulating working environment. A rich intellectual environment, with a collaborative and inclusive culture, where you can thrive and realise your ambitions. An exciting location with Antwerp as our base, a city with a rich, dynamic, commercial, cultural, combining exciting social life with the inclusiveness and openness of a cosmopolitan city.
    • Find out more about working at the University of Antwerp here and discover all the other benefits.
    Gepubliceerd op 3 juni 2024