PULS architecten, Chapel of Our Lady of the Muizenhoek, Mechelen © PULS architecten

Kapel van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van de Muizenhoek

A seemingly forgotten chapel on the side of a road was given a radical update by PULS architecten. The existing trees surrounding the chapel already suggested the nave of a church. The architects therefore emphasized this gesture by completing the cluster of column-like trunks with the missing point in the configuration. To further underline this gesture, the architects created a tiny enclosed garden—a reference to the medieval hortus conclusus—by means of the floor treatment and two benches. The white steel benches are abstract renditions of majestic church benches with a very high backrest. The chapel itself was given a new gate, a modest contemporary interpretation of the baroque language of the chapel.

- Louis De Mey

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