Ambassadors of Wiki Women Design

Five women who are making an impact on the contemporary design sector in Belgium recognize Wiki Women Design as an important project that they would like to contribute to. Oana Bogdan, Sara De Bondt, Stefanie Everaert, Caroline Lateur and Linde Freya Tangelder motivate why the project is important and how they think it can make a difference for a more equal gender representation in the design sector and historiography.

"It seems obvious to me that the role of women in architecture - now and over the years - deserves much more structural attention. The oeuvre of these female architects should, much more than is the case now, be part of our collective memory."
‐ Oana Bogdan
"Wikipedia plays an important role for students and researchers. It is often a starting point for research, and for young designers looking for examples to identify with, representation can be crucial."
‐ Sara De Bondt
"By paying more attention to equal representation of male and female designers in such [architectural] projects, more women could help shape the architecture, urbanism and designed environment of the future."
‐ Linde Freya Tangelder
"During our studies we hardly had any female role models apart from Charlotte Perriand, Marie-José Van Hee and Claire Bataille. If a simple search on Google can reveal more female names, that's a very important step forward."
‐ Stefanie Everaert & Caroline Lateur