Flanders Architectural Yearbook 2006-2007

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Flanders Architectural Yearbook 2006-2007

The Flanders Architectural Yearbook 2006-2007 is your guide to the architectural landscape of the last two years. The 2008 edition documents 32 projects with clear descriptions and extensive illustrations and plans. New challenges and possibilities start to become apparent: the yearbook shows that architecture means more than just devising a ready-made response to frequently-asked questions.

In Flanders, a new wave of government assignments has resulted in some large-scale buildings: large-scale in terms of both spatial impact and financial backing from the government. Their political and public importance means these projects could not be left out of the selection for the yearbook. Houses and conversions also earn their place in this eighth edition of the yearbook. This sort of brief is still the principal component of architectural practice in Flanders, which means it remains highly relevant, even if only for the variety of architecture it produces.

Topical aspects of the architectural brief are elucidated in six critical articles: the government as client in relation to the public nature of a building, the social and architectural impact of the school building campaign, the consequences of new ways of financing building, the use and appropriation of buildings and the issue of sustainability.

In addition to a selection of newspaper articles on subjects mainly concerning spatial planning, architecture and their impact on our daily lives, the yearbook again provides a survey of publications, exhibitions, talks, competitions, architectural prizes, etc.

32 projects were selected for publication from about four hundred submissions. The selection process was long and carefully considered and was preceded by group discussions, visits to sites, conversations with designers and with users or occupants. In this way the editors reached a consensus regarding what they identify as relevant in today’s architecture.


    BAVO, Gideon Boie, Veronique Boone, Kristiaan Borret, Lionel Devlieger, Lisa De Visscher, Benjamin Eggermont, Caroline Goossens, Geert Haentjens, Lars Kwakkenbos, Sarah Poot, Raf Snoekx, Sven Sterken, Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Pieter T'Jonck, Peter Vanden Abeele


    Gideon Boie, Ilse Degerickx, Lionel Devlieger, Lars Kwakkenbos, Sven Sterken, Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Katrien Vandermarliere


    Charif Benhelima, Stijn Bollaert, Jan Kempenaers, Jeroen Musch, Bas Princen, Frederik Vercruysse a.o.


    Michaël Bussaer, Inge Ketelers







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